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March 22, 2006
Contact: Lauren B. Sinai

Prospect Partners Adds Entertainment Equipment Rental Company to Rental Holdings Platform
24/7 Studio Equipment Provides Specialized Aerial and Reach Equipment to Motion Picture, Television, Commercial and Video Industries

CHICAGO, Ill.—March 22, 2006: Prospect Partners, LLC together with longtime equipment rental executive Kevin P. Rodgers are pleased to announce a new holding of Prospect Partners platform company Rental Holdings, LLC.  24/7 Studio Equipment, Inc. of Burbank, California, focuses exclusively on the rental of aerial and reach equipment to the motion picture, television, commercial and video industries. Rental Holdings' other business unit, Industrial Hoist, LP of Brazoria, Texas, is a leading provider and lessor of hoists and rigging equipment for industrial applications and a provider of fleet repair and certification services.

"We think 24/7 Studio Equipment is an interesting fit for Rental Holdings and has exciting growth potential," says Louis W. Kenter, a Principal of Prospect Partners. "It is truly a niche company with a veteran management team and a unique offering -- providing the entertainment industry with around-the-clock service and a fleet of equipment designed specifically for studio use."

Mr. Rodgers, who serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Rental Holdings companies, formerly founded and led National Equipment Services, which now trades as NES Rental Holdings (NLEQ). In 2004, he teamed with Prospect Partners and management to create Rental Holdings, LLC to acquire the assets of the Industrial Hoist Services division from NES and form Industrial Hoist, LP. The President of Industrial Hoist is James G. Kowalik, who founded the original business in 1983.

Mr. Rodgers is joined at 24/7 Studio Equipment by Lance Sorenson, part of the ownership team and an entertainment and rental industry veteran of more than 20 years who will oversee the company as President.

Prospect Partners and 24/7 Studio Equipment seek to grow the company both by partnering with other niche equipment rental company entrepreneurs as well as by acquiring other rental equipment firms that serve the motion picture and television industries.

About Prospect Partners, LLC

Prospect Partners, LLC of Chicago is a leading investor in unique lower-middle-market companies, managing two private equity funds totaling $270 million. Since its inception in 1998, Prospect Partners has focused on management-led leveraged acquisitions of niche leaders with revenues typically between $10 and $30 million; the firm has invested in nearly 50 companies within many niche consumer, commercial, specialty distribution and service markets throughout the United States.

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