Gourmand Specialty Foods, Inc.

February 12, 2001


Acquisition Expands Breadth of High-End Delicacies

CHICAGO, Ill.-February 12, 2001: Prospect Partners, LLC is proud to announce the acquisition of Specialty Game, Inc. of Lyons, Illinois by Gourmand Specialty Foods of Herndon, Virginia

Gourmand Specialty Foods, Inc. (“GSF”) is a producer and distributor of high-quality branded gourmet foods and ingredients for the finest restaurants and hotels in the United States. Formed in 1999, GSF consists of Gourmand, Inc., Hudson Valley Foie Gras, and De Choix Specialty Foods Company.

Specialty Game, Inc. is a dedicated supplier of the freshest game and game birds, natural poultry, smoked meats and fish, wild mushrooms, herbs and other culinary treasures from around the world. Over the past decade, Specialty Game has experienced strong demand and recognition among diverse and discriminating markets, including the nation’s finest restaurants.

“Our mission is to provide a union between America’s finest boutique farmers and the nation’s leading innovative chefs,” explains David Vohaska, Founder and President of Specialty Game. “We are excited to further our mission in becoming part of Gourmand, and to growing our company with industry leaders Leon Pinto [Founder and CEO of GSF], Michael Ginor [Vice Chairman of GSF and President of Hudson Valley Foie Gras], and Gene Kaplan [President of De Choix].”

“Specialty Game has captured a strong and consistently growing niche in the specialty foods market,” explains Leon Pinto. “We are looking forward to David’s leadership as President of the Specialty Game division of Gourmand, and are pleased to enhance the breath of products and consistent service upon which our loyal customers and suppliers rely.”

Gourmand is a twenty-three-year-old leading importer and distributor of specialty foods, with a full line of specialty products that includes truffles, foie gras, caviar and a complete line of pastry ingredients. Hudson Valley Foie Gras of Ferndale, New York is the leading producer of Foie Gras and Moulard Duck products in North America, and De Choix Specialty Foods Company of Woodside, New York is a pioneer in the specialty and global food industry, with over twelve hundred upscale and innovative food products ranging from imported couvertures, grilled vegetables, artisan cheeses and cured meats to Asian condiments, European pastry, baking and gelato ingredients.

“For GSF, Specialty Game is a natural fit with Gourmand, Hudson Valley Foie Gras, and De Choix,” explains Edward H. Benford of Prospect Partners, LLC, the Chicago-based private equity firm behind the Specialty Game acquisition and formation of GSF in 1999. “This is a prime opportunity for all concerned. Specialty Game provides GSF with top-of-the line specialty game products, and GSF provides a solid industry platform upon which we look forward to building the company.”

Together, Prospect Partners and Gourmand Specialty Foods will be seeking to acquire branded producers and marketers of specialty food products such as fish, game, cheeses, meats and pastry ingredients.

Prospect Partners, LLC of Chicago manages a $105 million private equity fund focused on management-led leveraged acquisitions and providing growth capital for lower middle market businesses with niche strategies.

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