Cyclonaire Holding Corporation

York, Nebraska

Cyclonaire Holding Corporation offers custom-engineered and manufactured pneumatic conveying systems for the transfer of dry bulk materials as well as a full line of pneumatic conveyer components and parts.

  • Prospect Partners recapitalized Cyclonaire Corporation ("Cyclonaire") in December, 2013, with operations-focused investment firm Schilling Ventures, LLC, of Naperville, Ill., and management.
  • Cyclonaire, founded in 1973, is a widely recognized leader in material handling, specializing in pneumatic conveying technology; the company's experience spans railcar unloading, locomotive track sanding, dust collection, automation, batching and blending, and aeration systems.
  • Cyclonaire serves customers in wide-ranging industries from building materials to chemical, energy, environmental, foundries, mining, rail, and rubber. Its equipment moves hundreds of different kinds of powdered and granular materials, including cement, chemicals, food, minerals, proppants, and sand.
  • Cyclonaire's management team includes Scott Schmid, President; Aaron Huff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing; Sheila Brugger, CFO; and Deryl Kliewer, Vice President of Manufacturing.
  • Erik Maurer serves Cyclonaire Holding Corporation as Chairman; Mr. McInerney and Schilling Ventures' Managing Partner Paul Golden serve as Directors.
  • Cyclonaire seeks to acquire other pneumatic conveying and material handling companies as well as manufacturing automation and control businesses.
  • SIC codes: 3535 (conveyers and conveying equipment); 3535-01 (unit handling conveying systems); and 3535-0103 (pneumatic tube conveyer systems)


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