Waste Harmonics Holdings, LLC

Victor, New York

Waste Harmonics is a leading provider of outsourced waste management services.

  • Prospect Partners recapitalized Waste Harmonics, LLC, in July, 2015, in partnership with investment firm Expedition Capital Partners, LLC, and management.
  • Waste Harmonics is a leading broker of comprehensive waste management services for companies with operations that span a wide geographic territory in the United States and Canada.
  • Waste Harmonics' programs cost-effectively consolidate all components of a company's waste management needs, including pick-up, hauling, recycling and sustainability. Waste Harmonics serves as a single point of contact for all services.
  • Waste Harmonics is led by Michael Hess, President and CEO, and Carl Slusarczyk, Jr., Vice President of Sales.
  • Waste Harmonics subsequently:
    • acquired Consolidated Waste Management of Columbus, Ohio, and Hartford, Conn (November, 2015);
    • acquired the assets of Eco2Go Recycling Solutions, LLC, of Springfield, Ohio (March, 2017); and
    • acquired the assets of SetWest Leasing And Rental Corp. of Buffalo, N.Y. (March, 2017)
  • Mr. Holcomb serves the company as Chairman; Mr. Maurer and Expedition Capital Partners' Mike Hendrie serve as Directors.
  • Waste Harmonics seeks to acquire waste brokers and providers of waste management services.
  • SIC codes: 4212 (local trucking without storage); 4953 (refuse systems); 4953-04 (waste disposal); 6221 (commodity contract brokers and dealers); and 8731-11 (environmental and ecological services)


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