CoAMS Holdings, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois

CoAMS Holdings, Inc. was a marketing services and business process outsourcing firm specializing in cooperative advertising and trade promotion programs.

  • Prospect Partners, Caffery Capital Partners, and management acquired CoAMS Holdings, Inc. in July 2002.
  • CoAMS provided outsourced management, administration and design of cooperative advertising and trade promotion programs to leading consumer product manufacturers and their retailer networks, as well as to leading technology manufacturers and their distributor/dealer organizations.
  • CoAMS made one add-on acquistion:
    • In September 2002, it acquired the assets of Bridgepoint of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a marketing services division of CMF&Z that specialized in cooperative advertising and trade promotion programs.
  • Prospect Partners sold CoAMS to a strategic acquirer in March, 2009.
  • Mr. Kenter and Mr. Maurer served the Company as Chairman and Director, respectively.
  • SIC codes: 7331 (direct mail and advertising services); 7389 (business services); 7389-03 (advertising, promotional and trade show services); 8732-01 (market analysis, business and economic research); 8742-03 (marketing consulting services)
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