Optronics Products, Inc.

Muskogee, Oklahoma

Optronics Products, Inc. was a leading provider of recreational and vehicular lighting products and related accessories.

  • Optronics designed, imported and marketed recreational, industrial and vehicular lighting for the automotive, marine and sporting goods markets.
  • Optronics sought to grow through acquisition of other specialty lighting and niche automotive electronics manufacturers.
  • Products included: head lamps, spotlights, truck/trailer lighting, auxiliary lighting and hunting/fishing lights sold nationwide via automotive, sporting goods, marine specialty chains and other retailers, including mail order.
  • Prospect Partners acquired Optronics Products, Inc. with management in November 2000. Add-on acquisitions include:
    • LITECO of Elkhart, Indiana (December 2004)
  • Mr. Tuttle and Mr. Maurer served the Company as Chairman and Director, respectively.
  • Optronics was recapitalized in 2006 by management and a financial buyer.
  • SIC codes: 3647 (vehicular lighting equipment); 3648 (lighting equipment); 3648-01 (outdoor lighting equipment); 5719-02 (lighting, lamps and accessories - wholesale trade)
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