Office Resources Holding Company

Boston, Massachusetts

Office Resources is a distributor of high-end office furniture and systems, serving New England from Connecticut to the Canadian border.

  • Prospect Partners and management acquired Office Resources, Inc. (ORI) of Boston, Massachusetts, in August 1999 to form Office Resources Holding Company.
  • ORI's add-on acquisitions included:
    • Office Resources New Hampshire of Manchester, New Hampshire (September 2003)
    • Comprehensive Facilities Solutions, Inc. of Worcester, Massachusetts (July 2007)
    • Corporate Environments of Portland, Maine (April 2012)
  • Prospect Partners sold ORI to management in October, 2013.
  • Mr. Tuttle served the Company as Chairman.
  • SIC codes: 2521 (wood office furniture); 2521-01 (wood office chairs, benches, stools); 2521-02 (wood office filing cabinets and bookcases); 2521-03 (wood office desks and tables)


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